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My son has always needed to perform better in math. I can see Manav succeeding thanks to Learn With Sudheras. He received the School Mathematics Olympiad award this time as well.

— Rakesh, Manav's Father

I'm in awe of Ruchi's amazing exam results these days. She now has the same level of confidence as the top students in her class. Amazing is the only word I can use to describe it, and Learn With Sudheras deserves all the credit.

— Mamta, Ruchi's Mother

Although I teach math, I was taken aback to witness my daughter's mathematical calculations. She calculates faster than me, I have to admit. Due to training from Learn With Sudheras, this was made feasible.

— Raj Kiran, Rivansh's Mother

I visited UCMAS and ALOHA Center, but Learn With Sudheras handled my child's entrance. The outcomes are fantastic! His after-course development makes me glad. He overcome his fear of math.

— Smriti, Hridyansh's Mother

I wanna tell you about Vedic & Abacus. Both my kids were used to take classes from Sonia mam and now they are solving complex questions so easily. I would like to say thank you Sonia mam and to all Learn with Sudheras team to help our children for their learning path.

— Vani, Aarti's Mother

The online vedic and abacus classes are really helpful for kids. With the help of Sonia mam and online platform, they are able to do calculations faster.  These techniques also helping them to avoid mistakes in calculations.

— Aniba, Moyed's Mother

Hi! I’m Sonia Sudhera

Are you struggling with your mathematics, So here is the Indian technique which I can teach you. It’s Called Vedic Math after getting skilled from this you can beat any calculation right on your fingertips. It’s a guaranteed offer, So let’s drop me a message to start it right away.

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